Golf Village Houses and Private Villas at the Quinta da Floresta

Golf Village House - with Standard rooms
Set in the golf village, the Golf Village Houses with standard rooms are a great choice for your stay at the Quinta da Floresta. Offering you a graceful view of the wide golf course, together with a crystal clear communal pool, you will certainly be satisfied with your accommodation. In these properties you may find 2 or 3 standard rooms, with double and twin beds.

Spacious balconies and terraces, satellite TV with a remote control and UK free view channels and maid service twice a week are but some of the facilities that complete this option. A kitchen with a stove, oven, fridge and washing machine are other included features.

You can also expect to be welcomed with a food package on the day of your arrival.

Golf Village House - with Superior rooms
Including spacious balconies and terraces, these superior rooms may be found in the charming golf village houses. Including a wide range of amenities, such as satellite TV with a remote control and UK free view channels, you can also find 2 or 3 lovely superior rooms with double and twin beds in these houses.

Be sure to use the communal pool and make the most of the gorgeous decor and furniture arrangement that has been so thoughtfully put together for your comfort. A complete kitchen with an oven, stove, fridge, washing machine, dishwasher and microwave are all provided. Maid service occurs twice a week together with a welcome food package are other pleasant additions to the amenities offered to those staying in these houses.

Private Villa with Pool - Superior rooms
These soothing rooms may be found in the splendid private villas with pools. Decorated with an extremely appealing design and a great furniture layout, this property has a number of characteristics that will surely please its guests.

Surrounded by the fantastic aura of the Western Algarve region and the fantastic view of the prestigious golf course, you can find facilities such as magnificent balconies or terraces, access to satellite TV with a remote control and UK free view channels, as well as maid service twice a week. These private villas hold 3 or 4 superior rooms, and are all furnished to create a special environment for its guests.

The stunning private pools set in these properties are sure to enhance the pleasure of your leisure. A fully equipped kitchen area with an oven, stove, fridge, washing machine and an additional microwave and dishwasher are also included in this property.

A delightful food package will also be found - a welcoming gesture provided by the Quinta da Floresta.

Private Villa with pool - Deluxe rooms
For those who consider privacy to be a luxury, the Private Villas with Pool and deluxe rooms are the ideal solution for your stay at the Quinta da Floresta. Located only within the private villas, these properties offer guests heavenly 3 to 5 deluxe rooms, destined for guests who seek the epitome of quality and comfort.

With luxurious private pools and peaceful views from the personal balconies or terraces of this property, you will certainly be content with your choice. Including air conditioning, maid service twice a week, along with a satellite TV plus a remote control with UK free view channels, all comfort and quality is available for Private Villa guests.  

A full kitchen area is composed of a stove, oven, fridge and washing machine. Beautifully decorated and with superb surroundings, all guests will feel relieved from reality. Guests staying in this room can expect to be greeted with an extravagant food package to welcome its guests.

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