Groups and Social Events at the Quinta da Floresta

Planning a leisure event is a great way to celebrate a special occasion. Offering you favourable price ranges for different group sizes and the best quotes according to each event, you will be satisfied with the benefits given by this service. To obtain complete information regarding leisure options, please provide all necessary details concerning dates, group dimensions and other specific requirements. All leisure events are carefully organised to guarantee guests the quality of this service.

Beautiful, calm and intimate, the Quinta da Floresta is without a doubt a fabulous location to celebrate special occasions and events.

Ideal for weddings, this luxury resort will certainly complete your idea of “happily ever after”.  With a grandiose panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean and a luxurious variety of services, this resort will be sure to make your social event an unforgettable experience.

Restaurants located within the Quinta da Floresta, such as the A Taberna restaurant, are fully prepared for these occasions and may arrange a marvellous selection of dishes to give your special day just the right flavour.

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